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Idea of home tuition/private tuition/tutor is very old. Those students who were considered weak in their studies use to take home tuition/private tuition/tutor on individual basis. Tutors use to provide tuition to very limited number of students. Students use to visit tutors residences for home tuition/ private tuition. Gradually home tuition in Lahore became completely commercials. There are thousands of academies which provide home tuition/tutors in Lahore. Many tuition academies are considered most successful network of private home tuition academies of Lahore. These home tuition academies are working on completely commercial basis and earning millions of rupees. These tuition academies directly send tutors to student’s homes. It looks disgraceful for tutors to visit student residences. For the advertisement, owners of these home tuition/private tuition academies use continuous advertisement by newspapers and TV cable. Private home tuition in Lahore has become a trend and key to success. Insiders in Lahore tuition academies have links with educational boards or Universities. Often students of Lahore tuition academies take very high marks and positions. Further, tutors of Lahore academies are great experts of providing examination based tuition. These academies tuition fee is quite high but many home tuition academies offer reasonable fee due to large numbers of students in a single class. Students cannot get personal attention in such large class rooms of tuition academies.

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